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Winter Wonder Jam captures the essence of the fall and winter seasons in every spoonful, and it's one of our most popular jars to give as a gift. Twist a jar open and take a deep inhale; our unique spice blend, with the fruits and bourbon, will bring memories and cravings for your favourite seasonal foods. Winter Wonder Jam offers a medley of flavours – from the sweet strawberries to the tart cranberries, vibrant citrus twist, comforting bourbon, and subtle hints of cinnamon and cloves. It's a harmonious mix of sweet, tart, and spiced notes. Versatile and delicious, this jam elevates your fall and winter favourites. Use it on toast, as a base for holiday-inspired cocktails, or to enhance cheese and charcuterie platters. It's perfect for Linzer cookies and complements seasonal meals.



Sugar, Strawberries, Cranberries, Bourbon, Orange Juice, Pectin, And Spices.

270 ml  |  Refrigerate after opening and enjoy within 90 days

Saltspring Kitchen - Winter Wonder Jam

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