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Magnolia Home Bloom Room Diffuser. 3 Fluid ounces/88.7 millilitries.


Spring is on the cusp of summer longer , languid days stretch out before you as the sun warms your skin, ice clinks in your glass, and worries melt away. Sparkling citrus elegantly blends with petal soft lilies, crisp wood, and seductive musk.


To fill your space with fragrance , pour the fragrance oil into the glass bottle and insert the reeds. The reeds will act like a straw, absorbing the fragrance oil and dispersing fragrance throughtout the room as air pass across them. Allow 24-26 hours for the fragrance to diffuse. To refresh, simply remove reeds and place the opposite end into the oil. 



Magnolia Home Bloom Room Diffuser

SKU: 026142