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Peaches! Many of us can’t wait for the peach season each year. Biting into a fresh peach, juices dripping down our arms, tasting the delightfully sweet-floral fruit with just a touch of tang? 

It sounds like paradise (minus the sticky juices). If you could just bottle it up…  Well, here at Gourmet Inspirations, we have!

Gourmet Inspirations Peach Riesling Dessert Sauce is made with real peaches. No chemically manufactured extract here! It is just what you’ll want to add to your almost perfect desserts: a fruity, summery, and simply beautiful sauce!

Riesling, a white wine known for its aromatic and fruity notes, provides a wonderful enhancement to the flavors of peaches. The two pair beautifully together, here in our Peach Riesling Dessert Sauce, to produce a culinary experience great to the palette, and other senses! 

A lovely natural peach hue and a light fruit fragrance only adds to the delight of the dessert. They say you “eat with your eyes”, but your nose and taste will want to join in!

While we call this a dessert sauce, don’t let that title stifle your culinary creativity! This delightful sauce is a great breakfast or brunch addition, substituting for syrups and other sauces. Or use our Peach Riesling sauce for your entree or appetizer. 

Since it isn’t a very sweet sauce, it lends itself well to savory applications. Pork pairs particularly well with peaches (say that fast 10 times!). Chicken and salmon work well too. 

Use the sauce as the base of a glaze, adding a touch more salt and some dry herbs or as a sauce itself, cooking some onion and garlic, adding the sauce from the jar, a touch of salt and some fresh herbs and heat through. Finish with a few more fresh herbs for a beautiful contrast with the peach colored sauce and an extra fresh bite. 

For hor d'oeuvres, wrap pieces of fresh peach or melon with prosciutto and drizzle with the sauce as it is or with those previously mentioned savory enhancements. 

Clearly a versatile, flavourful sauce, you’ll want to use Gourmet Inspirations Peach Riesling Dessert Sauce again and again.

Elevate your desserts or brunch! Drizzle on cheesecake, ice cream, french toast, pancakes, waffles and crepes!

Gourmet Inspirations Peach Reisling Dessert Sauce

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