Soft dewy cucumber water hydrates skin and lemongrass delicately grazes the entire body. Pure, clean and luscious bubbles. Green, clean and natural bubble bath formulated without the use of harsh surfactants and detergents. Frothy long lasting bubble bubbles that elevate your bath time to the next level. 500ml ELIXIR bottle will run approx 24 baths Hints of: Cucumber, lemongrass, coconut Perfect for: Sensitive skin Notable ingredients: + Coconut Milk: This luscious base treats skin irritations while deeply moisturizing your skin + Coconut pulp co2: Irresistibly warm and creamy, coconut pulp co2 promotes deep hydration within your skin while giving off a subtly scent + Cucumber juice: Not just for your salads anymore! Cucumber juice makes up the base for this elixir and is known to soothe irritated and inflamed skin while moisturizing

Bathorium Bepure Elixir